Interview Tips

We understand that interviews can be daunting, particularly if you haven't attended one in a while!  As long as you're well prepared, an interview can be a rewarding experience, giving you the opportunity to learn a great deal about the prospective employer and allowing you to make a sound call about whether the role is right for you.
We're not attempting to re-write the rule book on interview techniques
, but we hope that the hints below will act as a refresher on how to approach and prepare for your interview and will greatly enhance your success of securing the job. 
A good interview is often down to preparation.  Always take the time to prepare.  This is a vital step that far too many candidates overlook.    

  • Gather as much information on the vacancy as possible from your recruitment consultant.  Make sure you fully and completely understand the skills and experience the prospective employer is looking for.  If you feel you need more information on the post make out a list of questions you want answered prior to the interview and have your consultant go back to the employer to get as many of them answered.
  • Research the company you're going to see (take a look at our Company Directory page).  Hit the web and find out as much as you can on the company.  It is very important that you can talk confidently to the interviewer about the organisation.  Information on company performance, mergers and acquisitions and organisational structure are all good talking points in an interview.

  • VERY IMPORTANT:  Make sure you take a notepad into the interview, with a list of questions for the interviewer that you'll have prepared earlier.  A good interviewer will always give you opportunity to ask questions about the vacancy and the organisation.  This is a great time for you to show that you've researched the company and thought carefully about the role before arriving for the interview.  It's critical that you've prepared a few searching questions, as this shows that you're genuinely interested in the job.  BY DOING SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS TAKING A NOTEPAD WITH A FEW QUESTIONS INTO THE INTERVIEW, YOU SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF SECURING THE JOB.

  • Take notes during the interview.  This displays to the interviewer that you're actively interested in what's being said and you're hoping to be able to take some information away from the meeting to go over.  It also sends out the message that you're meticulous in your approach to meetings, which is generally a very positive attribute.

  • Even casual interviews should be approached with professionalism.  Always dress smartly for your interview, arrive on time (a few minutes early is best) and try to avoid smoking at least an hour before the meeting.  If you arrive for the interview in good time, take a few moments to scan the reception area for certificates and awards on the walls and have a quick look over any company newsletters or magazines as these may prompt you to think about more questions you may want to ask the interviewer.  If the company has won any awards this is always a good thing to talk about in an interview.  

Remember, it's the responsibility of the recruitment consultant to ensure that you're well informed and prepared for your interview.  If you need any information or advice prior to the interview please do not hesitate to get in touch with your consultant. 
We hope these hints and tips prove helpful.


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